MyGuyARC started by me seeing the need for someone to protect the well being of the consumer at a repair shop. This being said I worked in the auto repair industry for nearly 15 years as an ASE certified technician, service manager, sales manager, parts clerk and inspector. You can say that I have a pretty well good understanding of the industry as a whole.

I am not saying that every shop or technician is out to get you, but it only takes one bad experience for someone to feel that way. What I hope to do is give the consumer a peace of mind knowing that a professional has at least looked over the repair estimate and can review it with the consumer so that they may make an informed decision on what repairs are actually needed and about how much those repairs should cost.

If you have any questions about my services or need more information please feel free to contact us. Please visit the testimonials page for some of my consumers that I have already helped and are very happy that they have someone on their side.